Starting Point


Last month (only a week into my first full-time ministry job), Pastor Zach, Mark and I had a discussion about implementing a discipleship program at theCross.  Now let me just say that this was quite a tall order, one much easier said than done.  The first thing we had to do was to figure out exactly what discipleship really means, so we took some time asking that question and coming up with the answers below.

What does a disciple actually look like?  Someone who…

  1. Understands salvation
  2. Understands their righteousness
  3. Connects with God in devotions and prayer
  4. Reads and understands God’s Word
  5. Continues to grow in God by themselves
  6. Reaches the lost 
  7. Loves other disciples
  8. Can ultimately lead and raise up other disciples

(Go ahead and read through that list of qualifications one more time…seriously, it’s a good list…definitely worth a second look…)

Now ask yourself, “Am I truly living my life as a disciple of God?”

This list of characteristics and behaviors is what we would like to see everyone at theCross become (myself included) because we truly feel that we are all called to both make and become disciples of Jesus Christ (see Matthew 28:19-20).  Now here’s what I love about theCross.   We didn’t just come up with a nice list of things and then sit around saying, “I hope that our people are like this.” No, we’re doing something to ensure that our church community is growing as disciples.  We are implementing two new spiritual development programs at theCross that will help us become better disciples, Starting Point and the Discovery Track.

So what exactly are these new programs all about?  First things first, let’s start with Starting Point (seems like a logical place to start). Starting Point is one of the first things that we want people to experience when they initially start checking out theCross and thinking, “This might be the church for me.” It’s also a great class for anyone who has been coming to theCross for a while now but may have questions about the church. If you would like to meet some new people, learn more about theCross, our history, what we believe, and even become a member we want you to attend Starting Point. Starting Point lasts about three hours and will be held at 9am on Saturday mornings or at 5:30pm on Monday nights throughout the year. Childcare and food are provided! Check out this link HERE for a list of Starting Point dates and to RSVP.

If Starting Point is the first course in our discipleship smorgasbord, then the Discovery Track is the main course and dessert! Are you ready to take the next step in your faith walk?  Do you sometimes finding yourself asking things like, “What exactly is the Trinity?” “How does God fit into my life story?” or “How can I encounter God daily and share Him with others?” Discovery is for you!  In fact, there’s a piece of the Discovery Track for everyone at theCross.


The Discovery Track is the new Adult Confirmation and Discipleship Training program at theCross. It will be broken down into three sections (four weeks each). Discovering God classes begin on Feb. 7th. Discovering the Gospel begins on March 6th and Discovering Discipleship begins April 10th. Classes will meet at 10:30am on Sundays at theCross in the Bible Study Room.

We have developed an assessment tool to direct current members, regular attendees and new people to begin at either the first, second or third section (Discover God, Discover the Gospel or Discover Discipleship), based on their answers.

The assessment can be taken online at HERE or hard copies will be available at the Connections Corner on Sunday mornings.

At theCross, we want to help people strengthen their faith, develop their personal testimonies, and share their stories with others. Starting Point and the Discovery Track are two important pieces of that journey. So please come along with us and we grow with God and grow with one another. Sign up for Starting Point and be a part of the Discovery Track!

Jacob works directly with the L-Team Captains and help to coordinate how the L-Teams function as an extention of theCross. Jacob is excited to become a part of the amazing ministries and community at theCross Mount Dora. Email him HERE!


One thought on “Starting Point

  1. This is AWESOME! I am grateful that our church never just “starts” something, but prays, and researches His will before trying to implement it! I will really be praying about this…

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