Shift in My Prayers

Lately I have had a shift in my prayer life for my kids.

Does it happen to anyone else that as soon as their kids get out of the car
at school when you drop them off they suddenly look so young and little and
you can’t imagine them going off alone? That’s when I have daily prayed over
their constant safety, happiness, and comfort at school. But recently God
has prompted me to change that prayer a bit.

I have said that I’m more concerned about my boy’s “holiness over
happiness”, but did my prayer of safety really reflect that?  Can they
really grow in their holiness and always be happy and comfortable? I just
couldn’t find that anywhere in the Bible. (And I looked!)

What I did find instead was that suffering produces perseverance,
perseverance produces character, and character produces hope. (Rom 5:3-4) I
know this applies to our kids as well.  I’m not about to ask for suffering
into their life, but I’m not going to totally pray against it or fear it as
I used to. Rather, I’ve now been praying for their patience toward others,
for strong mentors in their lives, and a keen awareness of Jesus in their
hearts (and then after that prayer that any bully that messes with them gets
a bee sting because…well that heals right?!?).

Allison Zehnder has been theCross kids minister at theCross since July 2012. She organizes our Kids Church Program on Sunday mornings at theCross. Email her HERE.


One thought on “Shift in My Prayers

  1. My prayer for my son, while he was growing up, was that God would help me raise a happy adult, which would lead to a happy eternity for him, even at the expense of an unhappy childhood. The goal is heaven, not happiness, while on earth.

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