Elijah & Elisha


As we launch into a faith-filled, big thinking year here at theCross, I wanted to start the year examining two of the most faith-filled, big thinking prophets in the Old Testament.  At theCross we are starting a 3 month sermon series on the prophets Elijah and Elisha. I love digging deep into the Word of God and these longer sermon series give us the opportunity to really sink our teeth into certain aspects of God’s Word that otherwise we might miss.

The lives that these two men lived were ridiculous. Perhaps there were no two greater stalwarts in the faith in the Old Testament than these two prophets. Over the next three months, we are going to look at how God raised them up as prophets, how he supernaturally provided for them, how they performed miracles in his name. We are going to identify some moments of celebration and victory, followed by moments of weakness, and we are going to examine some of the bold steps of faith that they took.

These men went up against kings, hundreds of false prophets, the most evil queen on record, multiple diseases, and even death and came out victorious. 

And you might think that because of all this “big” stuff that they did that these guys were like superheroes or had some advantages that we don’t have today, but the amazing truth that underlies it all is they were human beings just like us. In fact, James 5:17 says, “Elijah was a man just like us.”  That’s one of my favorite Bible passages, because sometimes we elevate these biblical heroes of ours, but the reality is that they were just two guys who combined their will with God’s power and changed human history.

You see ordinary human beings can become extraordinary when God intervenes. This year, I’m asking God for big things and I’m starting by asking God to make our ordinary church become extraordinary.

Come hear the start of the story this Sunday at theCross!


2 thoughts on “Elijah & Elisha

  1. Zach, Can you give me some “digging deeper” questions or thoughts to ponder for our L team group on Wednesday evenings. This would be very helpful. Also, some specific verses you plan to discuss in your sermon would be helpful. Thank you. Ken

    1. Zach ….Zaaaaach ….Elijah taken up by chariots , at the Transfiguration . If like us ,it was in nature only . Surely your not going to perform the miracles of this great Prophet ….well maybe …if you give up Golf and Corona’s lol

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