Big-Thinking Faith Filled 2016 Vision for theCross


This past Sunday we talked about how we as a church were going to be big-thinking, faith-filled in 2016.  We are going to take steps forward in our faith.  We borrowed a line from Craig Groeschel’s church and declared it over ourselves:


Only two times in all of the Bible was Jesus amazed!  First is a story where is amazed at someone’s lack of faith (Mark 6:5-6) and the second is a story where Jesus is amazed at someone’s great faith (Luke 7:9).  So if Jesus were to look at your life today would he be amazed at your lack of faith or your great faith?  If he looked at our church today would he be amazed at our lack of faith or our great faith?

Would he look and be amazed at the bold, audacious daring acts that you and your church are doing for the advancement of His kingdom?  Or would he look down at you and your church and be amazed that you have access to His power, His throne room – if you’re a follower of Jesus, the Holy Spirit dwells within you, the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead.  You have access to go before God and ask Him, and He hears your prayer.  Would He be amazed at your lack of faith?

We determined that we want to amaze God.  He is amazing to us in so many ways but how cool is it that we can amaze God.  We want God to look down at our church, at our collection of messy, crazy, broken, and somewhat weird people and say, “Wow, can you believe they are doing that…that’s awesome!”  We set big goals at theCross and here are a few from this past Sunday:

  1. We want to continue to grow.  We believe that if we stay on our current growth trend we will be somewhere between 700 and 800 people coming on a weekend!  Praise God!
  2. We want to grow to 1500 people by August of 2018 because that’d be 10% of our city’s population.  From the beginning we’ve mentioned we are here to change this city and when we get to 10% of the city we certainly will be able to!
  3. We will start an adult confirmation program in February called Discovery Track.  In addition, in the Fall we will start a confirmation program for middle school students.
  4. We will launch a brand new state of the art website around Easter of this year
  5. We are going to attempt to break another world record this summer for the largest potluck party ever!  All of the funds raised will go towards Lake Cares Food Pantry!
  6. We are going to do a 40-day challenge to do the words of Jesus Christ on a daily basis in the summer.
  7. We are going to drop Easter eggs from a helicopter this year and have the greatest egg hunt in all of Central Florida.
  8. We hope to start an evening worship gathering (this will happen right around when we hit 700 in attendance)
  9. We are hoping to start a second kids service on Sunday mornings by the Fall.
  10. We want to see 75 baptisms, 300 new members, over 75 kids in student ministries, and over 100 kids Nursery-5th grade in Kids church by the end of the year.

Some of those are pretty big goals and you can say, “How do you know Zach?”  And the reality is I don’t.  But we need to keep pressing on and do whatever it takes, and I like to set goals big enough that God has to show up in order for those goals to be accomplished.  It’s going to be a great year at theCross!  Which goal are you excited about most?  And how will you step out in faith this year?  We’d love to hear your comments below!


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