Is this a church?

There was an article this past week from NPR (for article go here), highlighting the “Sunday Assembly.”  Here’s the opening lines:

“It sometimes feels like church in the auditorium of the Professional Musicians union in Hollywood. It’s a Sunday morning, and hundreds of people are gathered to meditate, sing and listen to inspirational poetry and stories.

But then the live band starts up — performing songs by the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and Jerry Lee Lewis. And instead of a sermon, there’s a lecture by experimental psychologist and neuroscientist Jessica Cail about the biology of gender identification and sexual orientation.

This is a Los Angeles meeting of Sunday Assembly, a church for people who don’t believe in God. The brainchild of two British comedians, the movement has since spread across the globe, and there are now about 30 chapters from Dublin to Sydney to New York.”

From the Sunday Assembly website is the following:

“The Sunday Assembly is a godless congregation that celebrate life. Our motto: live better, help often, wonder more. Our mission: to help everyone find and fulfill their full potential. Our vision: a godless congregation in every town, city and village that wants one.

Sunday Assemblies are taking off in popularity and there are many in the large cities of this world and they are growing.  When they meet, they don’t discuss God. He is not mentioned, not praised, but also not ridiculed.  They won’t tell you that you are wrong if you do have a God…it just not a part of their services and gatherings.

Here’s a quote from one of their founders, Pippa Evans, “”It’s all the best bits of church, but with no religion and awesome pop songs.”

So they have all the elements of a normal church today (music, readings, teaching, opportunities to meet outside of Sunday’s, and doing good in the community), but there is no mention of God.  They are doing a lot of the things that I’ve built the church on, especially the ideas of coming together as a group on a Sunday, organizing ways to get together outside of Sunday, and doing good in the community.  Their assembly sounds a lot like our church, minus, of course, the God part that we include in all that we do.

What are your thoughts about this movement? Is this church?  Is it good?  Is it bad?

Comment below.  We will actually be discussing this idea a bit more in church tomorrow so come with you thoughts there as well.


9 thoughts on “Is this a church?

  1. This is not good. I feel it is a ploy of Satan to draw in christian’s into there group. I also think it makes churches like ours look bad to other denomination’s. We need to pray that people won’ get sucked into this. As believer’s in Jesus Christ we need to help others not to get involved.

  2. Defiantly a ploy of Satan. He knows his time is short and he wants to bring as many as he can with him. I think we just need to pray for these people and be the light and then they might see there really is something missing in their “service” and want to get to know the true God.

  3. The definition of Church in the Dictionary is a building especially used for Christian public worship: I don’t think what these people are doing is Christian worship. They are not getting a Christian attitude in a setting likecad this. So I would not call it a Church

  4. I believe that within every human God has left his thumbprint of creation on us in that we each have a cross shaped void inside our souls both saved and unsaved alike.. God gives us the free will to try and fill that void with whatever we want. But have you ever tried to fill a sieve? The cross shaped hole in our souls can only be filled with spiritual thjngs, the things of God. Whatever things are lovely whatever things are true think on these things…..These congregants in this “new” church can play all the john lennon music they want…they will never be satisfied until they fill their souls with Jesus.

  5. I believe that all diets should begin with the referencing of 2 Timothy 3:16; Thus I also note Matthew 5:22, Luke 6:37, Proverbs 3:5, Romans 3:23

    Neither wholly good, nor wholly bad – It strikes me that any movement towards peace and harmony is a well-meant one, regardless of it’s failings or inaccuracy. It’s a congregation, one filled with searching souls.
    Not really plagiarism; after all, the topics are calculatingly and completely devoid of scripture. “Not mentioned, not praised, but not ridiculed.” Undeniably, an act of sacrilege… Yet, understand that from the soul that has not accepted Jesus, this gesture is meant in consummate respect.
    The hard part for Christians is that it resembles church so much. Imitation is, after all, the highest form of flattery – Unless it’s your sibling, in which case it’s infuriating. Ultimately, in order to properly look at the ‘Sunday Assembly,’ we should also imagine the alternative.
    Is it a threat to Christianity? No more than Applebees. No more than we are in our weaker moments. Still, we have the gospel, and we will continue to speak it boldly and accurately so that those that are inclined to lend an ear will be encouraged and uplifted by scripture and faith.

    It is only within our realm to determine what is right for us. Personally, I find this assembly to be a bit too much of a mockery for me to ultimately entertain, even for cursory investigation. Although summarily it strikes me that there are far worse things that mankind has traditionally funneled it’s energies into. Personal interaction amongst humans must be a superior option to a digital interaction.

    OOPS! Out of time, we must be off for church! 🙂

  6. It’s not church. I love praising our Lord and having a relationship with our Father and creator. Just want to put it out there that my husband and I have fought 4 yrs to get a modification on our mortg after our pest control business took a hit when the economy bottomed out in 08 and after 2 different attys the bank would rather take a 40-50k lose than let us start over since we are able to make the payments now. So we are in desperate need for a house to rent or lease option 4+ bedroom and 2+ bathroom 2500+ sq ft. We have 3 boys and need the room. We would like to stay in the area Eustis,Sorrento area don’t want to have to move the kids out of their schools. If anyone sees or knows of anything please email me at or call 407-383-6987 thank you

  7. From what I’ve seen of the Sunday Assembly, it’s mocking Christianity. Not Islam or any other world religion. For example, they are mocking holy communion, calling Christ’s Blood “Kool Aid”. I believe they are Anti-Christ.

    I am happy for any help they give others as long as it doesn’t come at a greater cost later, in the lives of those they are “helping”. We should go right on worshiping our One Great God, loving one another, and spreading the gospel.

  8. Its a mockery, without God centered its just a gathering for unbelievers who have no values.They need to read John 3:16 & Matt 5:6-8

  9. When they start asking for 500 lbs to join in the UK all they are looking for is their own good. These people who are organizing this say they are comedians in show business and are treating this whole experience as a joke from what I can tell from the video and people are falling for it the same as with the TV Evangelists who make promises. Maybe they are helping the community in some way but the cost to join to me is to high. You can help the community without paying and giving of yourself which will help you and what you are doing for the community. ..

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