Taco Bell and God

Alright, I confess…I went to Taco Bell today. Sorry Danna! Normally when I do any fast food, I’ll go through the drive-thru, but today I wanted a little alone time so I took my Bible with me and planned on dining in at this great establishment. There were two things that stuck out to me about this lunch: When I was ordering my Nachos Bellgrande and Beefy 5-Layer Burrito (sorry again Danna…for those who don’t know Danna she’s into organic stuff, not Taco Bell stuff), I realized the guy behind the counter had made an impression on me. He was positive, uplifting, funny, all of the above. Normally you don’t associate that sort of attitude with employees from Taco Bell, I’m just saying! But he was different. And he made my experience positive even before I tasted my delicious and unhealthy food. And it just made me think: it doesn’t matter what we do in this world, it’s our attitude that matters! We can do anything and make a difference. This guy was ringing up burritos and tacos and having a blast and making people smile. I’ve been behind a cash register before in my younger years and let me just tell you I hated it. You can do the same job and approach it two different ways. I want to be the guy who approaches whatever I do (whether I really enjoy it or not) with a positive attitude. I’m grateful that this Taco Bell employee of whom I’ll probably never see again made such an impact on me.

That was the first thing. I told you there was two. So while I was enjoying my food, I’m continuing to read through Joshua. You know, the story of the Israelites going into the Promised Land. We ended an 18-week sermon series on this at the church this past week and finished with God causing the walls to fall down at Jericho. But this was only the first of many victories God was going to give them. God continued to give them victory after victory, and in each case, God says something to the effect of, “Hey Joshua, don’t worry, be strong and courageous, I’m going to fight for you.” And in each case he does. He makes the sun stand still, he drops hailstones on an army, and on and on and on. And I know I said it a lot in the past 18 weeks but God does it all for them! Every single time! God destroys the armies, not the people. How amazing that God is stronger than even the most powerful armies in the world? And I started thinking…if God is that strong, he can defeat anything today! If he could literally destroy armies of people, then he can destroy whatever is inside of me, inside of you, inside of us, inside of our marriages, inside of our families, inside of our churches…inside of whatever. He can destroy it all! We have a BIG God…and a God that is on our side! Take comfort in that. Rejoice in that!

Maybe I’ll go to Taco Bell more often if God speaks to me like he did today! Except if I make it a habit, I’ll have to spring for the “Fiesta” portion of the menu or God may have to destroy a few extra pounds off my belly! Which based on what I said above, could very well happen!


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