This Side of Easter

Now that we’re a few days away from Easter I’m reflecting back to the week that was.  It was a crazy week!  It always is for pastors.  But especially when you are the sole pastor of a church and you’ve got all the “Easter-ish” things to do.  Things like Maundy Thursday and Good Friday services, Easter Egg Hunt Saturday, and a couple of ramped-up Easter Sunday morning services…not to mention throwing a 5K in the middle of it.  We had an awesome brunch as well on Sunday, but if I’m honest the only thing I contributed to that was a small donation and eating a lot of their food (thanks Cindy and team)!  It was a whirlwind.  Last week I kind of felt like a bride does on her wedding day.    Because on that wedding day there’s so much planning that goes into it, that sometimes when you are in the middle of the actual event (or weekend in my case), it goes so fast that you feel like you miss something.  I remember my wife, right at the beginning of our wedding reception, telling a bunch of people where to go, what to do, etc. and I remember just having to say to her, “Babe, calm down.  The day is perfect.  Everything will get done.  Enjoy the day.  I don’t want you to miss out on anything.”

So the last few days I’ve had time to think about and reflect on what just happened at church.  We had an awesome weekend!  More people than ever for Sunday services and our best turnout at the Easter Egg Hunt and a lot of excitement around our first 5K as well! We witnessed a baptism on Sunday morning of William Trigg.  Earlier that morning, we raised $2013 for Life’s Choices and quite a bit of money for our Relay for Life team as well at the brunch.  We are truly blessed and I want to extend a big thank you to all who helped us make Easter weekend what it was.

At the same time, there is great relief for me.  I’m done with Easter week!  That’s a big statement to make for pastors and when people have asked me the last few days how I’m doing, I’ve said, “It’s good to be on this side of Easter.”  And at first I was simply saying it in jest meaning, “Wow, that was a lot of work, stress, and craziness and I’m happy to be done with it.”  But the more I thought about it, while all that is true for myself, why I’m really happy to be on this side of Easter is because we get to celebrate the Resurrection.  Without Easter, where would our hope be?

If Christ can rise from the dead, then he resurrect those of us who need it! Those of us who have an apathetic faith.  Those of us who haven’t opened up our Bibles in who knows how long.  Those of us haven’t served anyone for a while.  Those of us who have no non-Christian contacts in our lives.  God is wanting to resurrect our faith.  The resurrection proves he is powerful enough to raise even what might be dead.  This applies not only to my relationship with God, but everything.

Some are feeling like they have no hope because their marriage just doesn’t seem like it’s going to last.  Some are feeling pressure from being in debt and see no way out of paying the bills in their lives.  Some want to give up on raising their kids because it’s just not going the way they thought.

It’s good to be on this side of Easter, because we have hope that God CAN raise whatever is dead!  I’m not going to put God in a box and tell you everything that you are praying for and hoping for will come true.  But I am telling you that there is a chance God CAN resurrect whatever you feel like is dead in your life.  Pray to him.  Tell him your honest thoughts.  Be bold.  Be specific.  Have hope.  And remember the resurrection.

It really is good to be on this side of Easter!


One thought on “This Side of Easter

  1. Insightful, SO true. Pastor Zach “Thank You” for your obedience to Christ calling. Many more great adventures ahead of us. I’m grateful for being a part of this adventure with The Cross at East Lake. May God grant us strength, endurance, victories, healing, forgiveness, a greater understanding of His Love for us. Not just to us but for those whom we will touch and cross paths with…. The churched and unchurched, the sinner the believer. Many more words to say, but I believe you and fellow believers understand what I’m saying. God be Glorified and His creation… His people return to Him.

    Love In Christ John T.

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