That’s What HE Said!

We are just launching an ad campaign called That’s What HE Said.  We are looking at the most popular and provocative words that Jesus said in His Sermon on the Mount found in Matthew 5 to 7.

Have you ever got the feeling like things could be better?  There was this kid on my street that one day watched this Evil Knievel video and thought that it was amazing.  Because of that, he wanted to do his own jump.  He drew up this elaborate sketch, made these fliers and set up these ramps on the neighborhood street.  It was supposed to be awesome.  A big crowd of our friends gathered to watch and when he executed the jump he completely fell short, flat on his face, and wiped out!  And we all walked away, especially I’m sure, the kid on the bike, thinking things could be so much better!

In many ways I think this represents what HE, Jesus, said to and about his people.  He painted this picture of his followers and used words like loving, caring, generous, just, merciful, and righteous.  But for whatever reason when we’ve executed the picture of who HE’s made us, we’ve fallen short, flat on our face, and completely wiped out.

Thankfully we have a God who picks us back up and offers us infinite chances through the grace and forgiveness he offers to us.  And with that grace and forgiveness, we then want to live our lives and go after the picture he’s painted for us.  At theCross, we’re taking a look at that picture right now and trying to live by it.  We want to invite you to come alongside of us and join us on Sunday’s at 10AM at theCross as we look more into what HE said.


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