What’s Your Resolution?

I spoke this past Sunday on New Year’s Resolutions.  Here’s a few highlights from what I mentioned.

Many people when you ask them how they feel about resolutions have a negative viewpoint.  They have this viewpoint because we don’t really treat resolutions (especially New Year’s resolutions) very seriously.  But the definition of a resolution, we see, is a very serious thing: A resolution is some sort of formal expression that usually follows some sort of vote by a club, a legislature, an organization, etc.  So it is something that is formal…it is something that has been thought about, pondered upon, reflected, and finally decided upon.  This definition implies that a resolution is something that is not supposed to be broken easily.  However, according to research done by a UK experiment called Quirkology which studied over 3000 people who made resolutions their findings probably don’t surprise us: Recent research shows that while 52% of participants in a resolution study were confident of success with their goals, only 12% actually achieved their goals.

I want to change our viewpoint on resolutions.  These are the most common resolutions (and check out the commentary behind each one because it’s amazing to see how many (if not all) of them are founded upon Christian ideals):

  • Get in shape (Bible tells us to take good care of our bodies physically)
  • Eat healthier (Bible tells us to take good care of our bodies physically)
  • Get out of debt (Being wise stewards with our money)
  • Stop Smoking (Taking care of our physical body)
  • Start a budget (Being wise stewards with our money)
  • Get a new job (Using the talents God has given to you for His glory)
  • Spend time with family (The number 1 role parents and spouses can play for each other)
  • Save or make more money (Being wise stewards with your money)
  • Give more (Bible mentions tithing and the importance of giving)
  • Find a sole mate/spouse (God created male and female to be together)
  • Learn something new (Enjoying life and the many different things in it)
  • Volunteer and help others (Giving back to the community)
  • Take a vacation (Resting or taking a Sabbath)

Every single resolution above has something spiritual attached to it.  Isn’t that amazing?  And so we shouldn’t discourage someone when they say they want to do one of the things I’ve mentioned.  We should encourage it.  God does want us to eat healthy and to exercise.  Remember, he gave us these bodies and we are to take care of them.  God does want us to save money, give money, and get out of debt.  He doesn’t desire that this world and its pressures would overcome us, rather, he wants us to be free of these problems.  He does want us to take vacations: remember the Sabbath day is based on resting in God’s presence.  Find a spouse: marriage is a gift given to us by God…so of course He wants this for us too.  So many of these resolutions are actually founded upon many Christian ideas.

After looking at Ecclesiastes 5:1-7, I encouraged everyone to make a resolution…but only to do it after thinking, praying, etc.  Because after all, a resolution is a serious thing not meant to be broken.

And I also encouraged them to make a resolution to help benefit the church.  Here’s a few ideas you could do for that as well.

  • Get involved in an L-Team.
  • Lead an L-Team.
  • Volunteer at a local food pantry/thrift store/etc.
  •  Meet somebody new!
  • Host an event/block party at your house.
  • Become a member if not already.
  • Invite your neighbors or friends to church.
  • Pray everyday.
  • Help out with one of the teams we need to do church here.

And lastly, it’s good to make these resolutions public.   If you’d like, go to our Facebook page and tell us what your resolution is.  Here’s the link: www.facebook.com/thecrosseastlake.


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