What can’t you live without?

I mentioned yesterday in my sermon the results of a study that was done and published last week in which 3000 British adults were asked “What things can’t you live without?”  The results that came back might astound you!

“It seems that things like clean clothes and indoor plumbing aren’t quite as important as a daily social networking fix, since Facebook— which appears as the #5 most important “thing” — beat out washing machines and toilets.

Just 4 things managed to eke out more love on the surprising survey, including sunshine, internet, water, and refrigerators. Facebook also ranked above coffee, mobile phones, email, automobiles, and even light bulbs. Other web services like Twitter and Google also appeared further down the list.”

To see the full article on this survey, go here: http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/technology-blog/survey-reveals-people-rather-live-without-cars-light-163846423.html

It’s a good question to ask and I think we saw some honest answers in that survey.  And I don’t know the nature of how the survey was conducted, but one thing is glaringly missing on that survey: anything spiritual at all!  And again, maybe it was a list of only 50 things that the London Science Museum provided, and there was nothing spiritually on that list; but it’s a good question to ask ourselves either way.

Where do things like “God, the church, the Bible, devotional time, prayer, meditation, fasting, serving, etc.” rank on your list of what’s most important or what you can’t live without?

And then secondly, does where they rank on your own personal list ring true with how much time you are currently devoting to those things?

Maybe it’s time you take stock of your life and if you’re finding that Facebook beats out anything spiritual, then maybe it’s time for you to do something about that!


2 thoughts on “What can’t you live without?

  1. I’m fascinated by the “social network” craze. In particular what qualifies as a “friend” now days. It used to be a friend was someone you could call on when in need or someone to confide in. Now it is a way of keeping score as we tally and compare the numbers.

    Sadly, this new pastime has replaced the “face to face” time we used to spend with one another. Further, instead of calling and sharing with each other, we simply send a text.

    I do however, enjoy reading the inspirational posts, even if they are “cut and paste” forwards in the third person.

    Bob Riegle

    1. I know what you mean Bob. I think there’s definitely some good things with social networking (especially being able to stay in touch with others). I used to be very bad at that but now that we have Facebook, etc. it’s easier to keep in touch with people I do care about. I think more “face to face” time would be great but I find it harder and harder to do as schedules get busy and there’s so much to take care of not only in the physical world, but also in the web world as well! The key is to use these mediums for God’s glory and as much bad as there is with the Internet and social networking there can also be much good as well and many ways to grow in your faith and also encourage others!

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