Learning about God’s Timing!

Well, we have 12 hours to go before VBS starts and I can’t be more thrilled at how everything has come together at just the right time!!  Literally, we received signatures on our final inspection with just an hour left on Friday and the set-up/decoration was still happening today and the audio/visual is still being figured out as I type.  Things have come right down to the wire!  For the past five weeks I’ve been unsure if what we had previously selected would happen or not.  It feels amazing to know that God made it happen.  I think by him not giving us the assurance any earlier I learned some things about God, myself, and the church God has blessed me with. 

I learned that to truly trust in God with a church that He has given to me that I need to rely on Him and others and less on me.  Many things were out of my hands and could only be worked out either by God or by other amazing people who volunteered so much of their time over the past two months.

I learned that all God asks is that I work hard and do my best but not at the expense of my family.  In all of this, I have put in the amount of time needed but still maintained a good balance of being at home with a new baby, a 3 year old son, and an amazing wife!  There were days and nights and even early mornings where all I wanted to do was to work to try to advance this church as much as possible and progress it as best as I could, but I felt like what God was telling me was “Don’t hurt your family…they are your number one priority.”  I think what God was telling me in this is that the church is ultimately his and its success will not be because I’ve poured in more hours than I should have or done things excellently, but rather because He is behind it and is blessing it. 

I learned that God is absolutely behind what we are doing.  How else could you explain that things happened at just the exact time (and no earlier and no later) that they had to happen in order for us to proceed with our plans.  I believe God has anointed this place, these dates, these events, and specifically, this church to bring the Kingdom of God to Lake County like never seen before!

I learned that God has blessed me with an amazing group of people.  So many people gave makes things beautiful in His timing.  Going through this has brought me closer to the group than even before and I’m honored and it’s a privelege to serve alongside so many incredible people who have volunteered.

Lastly, I’ve learned that even in His timing God makes beautiful things out of what appears to be a mess.  Our building was a mess just a few days ago…an even bigger mess two months ago.  And now look at it!  It reminds me of the verse in Ecclesiastes 3:11: He has made everything beautiful in its time.  Thank you God!


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