More Than Throwing Darts!

If you were to go by the building right now you might not think we are going to be up and running here in two weeks.  There’s a lot to be done still!  But there’s also a lot being done behind the scenes in getting eqiupment, setting up deliveries, confirming appointments, etc.  God is making it happen!  It’s still going to be tight but I believe everything will come together, just at the right moment, not without a lot of help from you all hopefully!!  That’s just the way God works it out sometimes. 

God knew from the start when our church would start…we just threw a dart on the calendar and said “Those dates look good!”  Well, there was a little more thought to it than that!  But if these truly are the dates that we will start ministering to the community, God knew that from the start and they have been anointed by Him.   It wasn’t just a dart he threw hoping it would hit a certain target. He has carefully planned and thought it out.  There is a reason why he has placed my family and an incredible group of people together at this specific moment in this specific place.

It reminds me of when Mordecai was talking to Esther, and he said to her “Who knows whether you have not come to the kingdom for such a time is this?”  What Mordecai was telling Esther, is that she was placed in a certain high position and a certain relationship to the King, and it was her, and only her, that could get the Jews out of a very difficult and life-threatening problem.  Her whole life and everything that had happened was being culminated so that at such a time as this she could do something incredible!

I feel God is telling us that today.  For such a time as this God has made you and put you with theCross east lake in some way so that together we can do something incredible in Lake County!  What do you believe God is calling you to do right now?  Who are you talking to right now inviting them to come and hear the love of Jesus?  How are you using the places and the relationships God has brought to you to benefit His kingdom?  These are questions we are all exploring together as we keep striving to be the people of God that He has created us to be! 



2 thoughts on “More Than Throwing Darts!

  1. Wow… I just read this weeks and last weeks blog and I must say that both spoke to me. With everything that is happening in my life, I had worried that I had taken on too much to volunteer to do the bible story at VBS Lake Cross and often asked myself…Can I do this volunteer job justice at this time in my life, I should of waited until next year. I can barely focus on feeding the horses and dogs on some days. But the God used pastor and michelles morning prayer message to bring the scriptures to life and help me focus on moving forward and doing God’s work …….. for such a time as this……….

    1. Beth, God is using you even in this difficult time! Your attitude and the joy that you exhibit are things we all strive to be like. You will be amazing teaching Bible study portion at VBS and the kids will love you!!! thanks for you all you do!

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