This past week was rather difficult for me.  I felt overwhelmed one particular day with all the things that were on my plate.  At home, my youngest son Brady was sick and my wife Allison wasn’t feeling well either.  Being that she wasn’t feeling well I was up late at nights and, yes, early in the mornings with Brady.  Then I was thinking about work and all the stuff that still needed to be done for our church to open on time (or at least what we have always planned on).  The building isn’t ready to go yet, we still need a permit from the city, and approval on a couple of things from people that don’t feel the same pressure and deadlines that was weighing on me.  The pressure was on last week.  A lot to be done.  Time was running out.  Family wasn’t well.  Enough to make any man or woman go insane.  Let’s just say, “I was overwhelmed!”

Then, I thought about God and realized that all God calls us to do is to trust in Him. Then, I was reminded of 1 Peter 5:7 where Peter tells us to “Cast all our cares on Jesus because he cares for you.”  I think it’s in moments where we feel a lot of pressure or stress that a lot of us feel drawn to pray or to look outside of ourselves.  And I think that’s exactly the place where God wants us to be.  He wants us to do our best for him but if things are ever getting tough, to trust in Him and to be overwhelmed by His love and by His grace! 

You can either choose to be overwhelmed by all of life’s pressures, or you can be overwhelmed by God’s love and grace.   Which one are you going to choose?


One thought on “Overwhelmed!

  1. Over the years, I have had these same overwhelmed feelings Zach, and I am like most of us, we try to control the outcome ourselves. For me, when I would accept God’s hand and plan, the “overwhelming” situation would flow to an outcome, relieve my stress and remind me again that “God is in control”.

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